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End of Tenancy cleaning prices:Tips and Tricks

1. What is End of tenancy cleaning?

In a nutshell, End of tenancy cleaning is a service that is given by professional cleaning companies after moving out of a rented property.

2. Why is End of tenancy cleaning necessary?

Most rental property contracts have the “End of tenancy cleaning” clause that requires a home to be cleaned up and handed back to the owner in its original condition before renting it. Most landlords require cleaning to be done by a professional cleaning company and failure to clean the house will mean that the landlord will have to keep the deposit that was paid.

Deposits, are principally all coverage against any damages to the property you intend to rent and use. It is a guarantee of some little security in the event of failure to pay our rent in time.

3. Professional End of tenancy Cleaning prices

The big question is how much do these professional services cost? Many people are not really sure whether they can afford such services and lack proper means to get proper guidance when it comes to professional housekeeping services. However, the service is not as expensive as it sounds, as a matter of fact, it is extremely affordable.

Using the SYK Cleaning services company as an example we can get a glimpse of the general cleaning rates depending on the property you have rented below:

  • Studio flat - £85 / £99

  • Studio Flat + Carpet Cleaning - £105 / £115

  • One bedroom property - £109 / £119

  • One Bedroom Property + Carpet Cleaning - £120 / £130

  • Two Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) - £135 / £150

  • Two Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) + Carpet Cleaning - £155 / £165

  • Three Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) - £165 / £180

  • Three Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) + Carpet Cleaning - £195 / £210

  • Four Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) - £235 / £250

  • Four Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) + Carpet Cleaning - £290 / £310

4. Factors determining cleaning prices

First, consider the size of the property. Larger rental houses  will have a significantly higher price as compared to smaller apartments.

Secondly, the condition of your home has a major effect on the total cleaning cost as dirtier houses will require much more effort in cleaning and hence the extra labor will be charged higher than the normal rates. Lastly, it is important to consider post tenancy cleaning as a determinant of the overall cost services such as upholstery cleaning might increase cleaning costs.

There is a variety of end of tenancy cleaning companies that have different prices for the services they offer. It is important to thoroughly research and gather information on them to get the most suitable company that will satisfy your every need.