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Basic cleaning of the home

Every time we start cleaning at home or we miss something or we do not have time. Sometimes there is a great deal of confusion. For example, we do clean the windows, then we see a stain on the kitchen cabinet, but let's take a look at the stove. And while we're feeling, we've already got ten things to clean up. None have been cleansed, and we have fallen from fatigue.

Below you will see the cleaning of the entire house in 30 days. Do not be amazed at the thought that cleaning will last for 30 days. Each of the days is carefully focused on certain activities and is meant to be no more than an hour or an hour and a half. Wrap your sleeves and act!


  • Day 1: Clean the microwave, stove and hob.
  • Day 2: Cleaning the dishwasher and other small electrical appliances: toaster, robot, mixer, and so on.
  • Day 3: Cleaning kitchen cabinets - inside and outside.
  • Day 4: Arrange the cans, spices, jars, and discard all expired products. Arrange the Temptation Cabinet.
  • Day 5: Thaw and clean the refrigerator.
  • Day 6: Clean and disinfect the kitchen sink
  • Day 7: Clean the walls, the kitchen counter and wash the garbage can.
  • Day 8: Vacuum the floor and wash it with a mop.
  • Bathroom
  • Day 9: Review your cosmetics and discard any empty or expired vials.
  • Day 10: Clean the walls of the bathroom, shower, tub or shower.
  • Day 11: Take off and wash the curtain of the bathroom, as well as all the small rugs and towels.
  • Day 12: Clean and disinfect the toilet, sink and mirror as well as the floor.
  • Bedroom
  • Day 13: Clean windows and blinds, wash curtains and curtains.
  • Day 14: Clean the wardrobe, cabinets and chests. Everything you do not need goes to the garbage.
  • Day 15: Collect and put bed linen to wash. Clean the mattress.
  • Day 16: Wipe dust everywhere - cabinets, lamps, sills.
  • Day 17: Put on a vacuum cleaner and clean with a mop.

Living room

  • Day 18: Clean the windows and blinds, wash curtains and curtains.
  • Day 19: Clean the upholstered furniture.
  • Day 20: Wipe all the electronics.
  • Day 21: Review and discard all unwanted items - magazines, old bouquets, souvenirs, etc.
  • Day 22: Clean the lamps.
  • Day 23: Wipe all the furniture.
  • Day 24: Put on a vacuum cleaner and clean the floor with a mop.
  • Day 25: Dedusting library.
  • Day 26: Cleaning and organizing the desk. Cleaning office chair.
  • Others
  • Day 27: Clean the washing machine and the dryer.
  • Day 28: Clean the patio and outdoor equipment.
  • Day 29: Clean the car - inside and out.
  • Day 30: Clean up toys.

I know the job is pretty, but it motivates me. I hope that you will be able to say, "Everything is clean!" On the 31st day. If you still think that you are not in the power, at your disposal always have a professional cleaning company to help you.


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End of Tenancy cleaning prices:Tips and Tricks

1. What is End of tenancy cleaning?

In a nutshell, End of tenancy cleaning is a service that is given by professional cleaning companies after moving out of a rented property.

2. Why is End of tenancy cleaning necessary?

Most rental property contracts have the “End of tenancy cleaning” clause that requires a home to be cleaned up and handed back to the owner in its original condition before renting it. Most landlords require cleaning to be done by a professional cleaning company and failure to clean the house will mean that the landlord will have to keep the deposit that was paid.

Deposits, are principally all coverage against any damages to the property you intend to rent and use. It is a guarantee of some little security in the event of failure to pay our rent in time.

3. Professional End of tenancy Cleaning prices

The big question is how much do these professional services cost? Many people are not really sure whether they can afford such services and lack proper means to get proper guidance when it comes to professional housekeeping services. However, the service is not as expensive as it sounds, as a matter of fact, it is extremely affordable.

Using the SYK Cleaning services company as an example we can get a glimpse of the general cleaning rates depending on the property you have rented below:

  • Studio flat - £85 / £99

  • Studio Flat + Carpet Cleaning - £105 / £115

  • One bedroom property - £109 / £119

  • One Bedroom Property + Carpet Cleaning - £120 / £130

  • Two Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) - £135 / £150

  • Two Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) + Carpet Cleaning - £155 / £165

  • Three Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) - £165 / £180

  • Three Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) + Carpet Cleaning - £195 / £210

  • Four Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) - £235 / £250

  • Four Bedroom Property (1 Bathroom) + Carpet Cleaning - £290 / £310

4. Factors determining cleaning prices

First, consider the size of the property. Larger rental houses  will have a significantly higher price as compared to smaller apartments.

Secondly, the condition of your home has a major effect on the total cleaning cost as dirtier houses will require much more effort in cleaning and hence the extra labor will be charged higher than the normal rates. Lastly, it is important to consider post tenancy cleaning as a determinant of the overall cost services such as upholstery cleaning might increase cleaning costs.

There is a variety of end of tenancy cleaning companies that have different prices for the services they offer. It is important to thoroughly research and gather information on them to get the most suitable company that will satisfy your every need.

How to get rid of the ants?

Every home has faced at least once with the unpleasant "visit" of Ants at home. Workable insects can be a great scourge and sometimes refuse to leave the battlefield.

Here are some ideas on how to get rid of ants.

For starters it is good to find out where the ants come from. Sometimes they come from terraces, balconies, gardens. Other times the insects come out of cracks or corners in the house. Only after you follow the path of the ants can you take action against them. Here are some ideas:

  • If the ants come from cracks, fill them with a mixture of flour, water and salt.
  • Sprinkle the corners and some of the ant's path with a baking powder mixture and powdered sugar or baby powder. A similar effect is the washing powder.
  • Spray where the ants are with a solution of water and a washing powder or dish detergent.
  • Like the poison for the ants, the soda for bread also works.
  • Among the most used and effective methods of fighting ants is sprinkling with salt on the corners.
  • If you have a pet at home, it can also help you in fighting ants, as insects feel the presence of another stronger creature and do not dare to fight it.
  • Use products that ants hate and that act like poison. These are, for example, cinnamon, lemon juice, peppermint, cucumbers (best bitter), coffee and talc.
  • Look for chalks, houses, sprays, powders or other chemicals to help get rid of the ants at the pharmacy.

One of the most important things to fight against ants is to keep your house absolutely clean. Do not leave any food residue that can attract ants and regularly throw away your garbage. Regularly call a cleaning agency, that for sure will make your house sprinkle. Different companies have different cleaning prices, so you can choose those fits your needs and prices here

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SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning - the best prices in London!


Welcome! SYK Cleaning Services, provide a large range of home and end of tenancy cleaning services. Our goal is to deliver the best high-quality services to our customers and that is the reason that our teams are the best in the industry.

SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London will offer you a custom quote that would be tailored to your specific requirements so you simply pay for the services you get.

And if that is not enough making you call us, we also provide a money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with our cleaning-- this is how confident we are that we are your optimal choice!

SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning is a reliable after tenancy cleaning agency based in London.
We have many teams of cleaners that do work in different locations of London focusing to supply the most reliable cleaning experience right to your door. Our company specialise in domestic, carpet, oven and end of tenancy cleaning.

Here are some more reasons regarding why you should choose us:

Tailor-made price quote

We realize that no household is the same and that is the main reason why we offer our customers tailored quotes.


If you want a clean house but never have the time to do it, simply give us a call or write to us.


  • Our cleaning teams are flexible and with the hourly rates we provide, you can choose when you need us to come and we will be there at your satisfaction.
  • Legal and fully-insured cleaners
  • Our teams are CRB checked and fully insured when they join our company thus giving you the peace of mind that your home is in safe hands.
  • Some of the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Rates in London!
  • Our company offer end of tenancy cleaning for landlords and tenants, oven cleaning, which will certainly make your oven look brand new and carpet cleaning so your home stays fresh and clean at all times. Our prices are amongst the best on the marketplace and they reflect the exceptional cleaning our teams do and the professional materials and equipment they use.
  • Our company is also fully insured and guaranteed.

Really don't wait any longer and contact us to action if you need exceptional, effective and completely insured cleaning agency! You don't require cleaning services but you would like to know the most effective ways to get eliminate a carpet stain from red wine? Contact us! Our staff will be happy to assist and guide you by providing you the best cleaning tips. Communication with our customers is our top priority. 

Our Cleaning Services
End of Tenancy Cleaning London
We, at SYK Cleaning, provide our clients qualified and reputable, all inclusive cleaning services whenever you move in or out. Our staff has great knowledge thus ensuring the customers a brilliant outcome. With our company, you never get stressed or hassled because we just proceed with our jobs.

Our end of tenancy cleaning service is thorough and of the highest quality.
Our cleaners undergo substantial training sessions, which gives them the know-how they require to clean all sorts of furniture, carpets, appliances, home windows, etc. We are fully insured and guarantee our customers complete satisfaction or the money back.

Experienced Carpet Cleaning

Looking for London carpet cleaners for your residential property or for your business? Well, your search is over as SYK Cleaning brings reliable carpet cleaning right to your doorstep.

Our company provide professional carpet cleaning in London, and we take pride in supplying quick and effective cleaning solutions. Our expert carpet cleaners in London are specifically qualified to use high quality special extraction equipment designed to remove dirt and other pollutants from your carpet. SYK Cleaning will do the tough cleaning for you so you could focus on enjoying the moment without thinking about your carpet.

Oven Cleaners London, Oven Cleaning Prices 

  • Do you like cooking but don't like having to clean the oven?

  • Or are you just very busy and can not manage to work on the cleaning yourself? No matter what the circumstances might be, SYK Cleaning Is right here to help you.

  • Our well professional and fully certified cleaners are instructed to clean ovens applying only high-grade, non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products. Every oven cleaner is certified to uphold very high standards in order to get the job done professionally and effectively.

SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning provides NUMBER ONE quality cleaning services in EAST LONDON area!

Hello! We work for you! SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning offers the best services on the zone of East London. Wondering how to clean up after the event at home? Do you need cleaning after repair? Do you want to be clean and fresh in your office? Washing windows is the most boring thing in the world? We offer professional cleaning satisfying these and many other needs! Fast and effective cleaning!

We are an impressive company in the field of professional cleaning that performed mainly and cleaning after repair work of office spaces and homes. We apply high standards and quality professional service using professional tools and detergents. Our team fits very precisely in all steps of the service - from the first meeting with the client to achieve a brilliant result. With us, you get excellent cleanliness of reasonable prices

Our target is to please the certain needs of our clients and those who will be welcomed in the way of the best offering and service. We aim to build and develop our business on the principle of communication and teaming, to build a professional organization to create honestly, responsibly and legally. The effectiveness of our work is based on a premium service!
The move out cleaning checklist - checked! Deposit back - checked!
End of lease cleaning is the most popular service in London. Every day someone is facing the task to change his house and professional cleaning is a prerequisite, which ensures the return of the deposit. We can guarantee that you will receive your money back from your landlord.

Due to the specifics of any of the activities and areas clean, it is important for us to know more about the characteristics of the site - area, the number of rooms, the level of dirtiness and others. If necessary, our specialists will inspect. So we can give exact information about the organization of the service and will calculate the best price.
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The top End of tenancy cleaners cover the whole NORTH LONDON!

SYK cleaning concentrates in professional clean-up, created by strongly skilled professionals who have done the job a long time in the field of professional cleaning. We focus in cleaning and maintenance of apartments, offices, companies, workshops, and professional cleaning of windows, facades and advertising. We are aware of the number of companies for cleaning on the industry, but we strive to increase steadily and to please all requirements and needs of our clients.

Our company is highly flexible and quickly moving into the busy life-style. Delivering this flexibility is a daily task for us.That promises our customers good quality, competitive prices and European way of working. We want to assure you by organization staff, overseeing the implementation and environmentally friendly products with which we work.

The use of machines and preparings to leaders firms in their field gives us an additional opportunity to achieve the best results and ensure a high level. In order to function properly are needed stronger links between our components, we have created an atmosphere conducive to work. We enhance the ways and strategies of work through competence and focus on our customers. Thank you for selecting our firm for cleanliness.

The moving out is no more a problem with SYK END OF TENANCY CLEANING in NORTH LONDON!

Our business has covered a wide range of cleaning services and offers a full guarantee for each of them. Over time, we focus in the End of tenancy cleaning services. We absolutely professional will clean up your house with an one hundred percent guarantee return of the deposit. We know how to execute the check-lists of even the most demanding property owners. By picking our services you ensure peace and complete satisfaction.
Do you live or have to move to North London? Call now and convince yourself in the quality of our cleaning services!

The establishment of a cleanness, quality and order is our purpose.
Trust the experience and the professional services delivered by SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning already in South East London. We operate with selected and qualified team with many years of experience in cleaning business and has impeccable references. The high quality of the work is the most important thing for us because we think the client should have only the best.

Our services are used by people and firms who can save your time, appreciate the speed and the excellent clean-up at affordable prices. The top quality of service is guaranteed by the use of effective, high quality and eco-friendly detergents and disinfectants. A cleaning inventory and modern tools from leading producers, coupled with the experience of our employees is a guarantee of professionalism.
Our aim - "Producing and taking care of an atmosphere of absolute cleanliness, comfort and order at mutually beneficial conditions."

Our professional cleaners use high-end equipment for precise Cleanliness and Hygienic Services, allowing the premises and furniture to be treated with fully safe eco materials that are completely harmless to human health and at the same time effective enough to clean and sanitize the house. Trust the professionalism and dedicated employee attendance with us to be able to share the gained time with your loved ones that need your attention.

Do you need urgent clean-up of the workplace? For us, there is no challenge. For legal entities and companies, we offer office cleaning. Spotless cleanliness improves the image of each business to guests and clients in her office, commercial properties, companies and many others. To make your work productive and satisfying, you do not need to surround yourself with junk and filth. A clean space is a lot more satisfying for both you and for your customers, who will appreciate the approach to maintaining cleanliness in the workplace, and negotiations will pass successfully.
Call us now to discuss how we can help and how to be most useful. We take care to make your home or office a cozy and clean! And remember: cleanliness is a guarantee of well being and high spirits!

The leader in the End of Tenancy Cleaning covers now the entire Central London!

Whether you want a one-off cleaning, routine cleaning, after party or renovated, look no further than SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning. To answer your needs we have a wide assortment of cleaning services for your house or office you can pick from. Using our company we ensure that your home will always be spotless and tidy.

Our company is the undoubted pioneer in the mid-price market segment in offering cleaning services to residences and office spaces across London. At present, our company serves many residential buildings in all over the London. Our success is due to the precise compliance with the schedules visits, excellent quality and really well-qualified staff that work with. We offer several price deals according to specific requirements of owners and voted budgets and financial capabilities.

SYK End of Tenancy Cleaners will help you get your Money back! Promised!

Our goal is to understand and realize your specific needs and requirements as owners. Visible are only the results. Enjoy them. We provide our services with responsibility and thought of you and your pleasure. We use advanced modern technology and professional tools, for the greatest effect.

We at SYK cleaning agency do a free initial view of your workplace or house. The reason of the inspection is to provide a proper quote with the best value, determined based on your specific needs. And also assess the type of necessary equipment and preparations for professional cleaning. Performing the inspection is free and is part of the process to ensure high quality completion of the services offered by our clean agency.
We ensure professional cleaning of your company building or home. Choosing us, you can rely on a crew of professionally trained staff, precise deadlines, high-quality levels in professional cleaning. Do not think twice and call us!

Your true cleaning partner for moving in and leaving in NORTH WEST LONDON!

SYK Move Out Cleaning offers moving out and moving in cleanup in North West London region at an attractive price and professional quality. We provide cleaning for office and household requirements -for owners, real estate, property owners, tenants and management companies of real estate. If you leave your old house or office or you move into a new, we can help you to transform the place in impressive condition. Our team of professional cleaners using innovative and highly effective tools and cleaning equipment to ensure high quality.

Our company is focused on a qualified cleaning of hotels, restaurants, houses, offices, industrial premises, and administrations. We work with specially trained and highly qualified employees. We use advanced professional equipment and natural products of globally renowned companies. We have specific solutions for every problem associated with hygiene, sanitation, maintenance and safety of contemporary finishes in all their variety and peculiarities.

Our target is to find the best optimal resolution in each situation. We strive to satisfy every customer's demands for a clean and healthy and balanced environment. Ensure that the obligations and activities we take are performed with high quality and care of an entrusted property. We try to keep the confidence of our clients for the quality of our services.
100 % guarantee!
Our End of Lease Cleaners will turn the residential or commercial property you are leaving into a brand new place. We know how to manage with the smallest detail in every checklist of your landlord. Thus both parties are pleased. Your lessor gets clean, refreshed and aromatized home and you get your money back. SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning is a business in North West London, which you can depend on your home without any worries.
We are always available to take care of the cleanliness of your home or office. It's time to call us and feel the difference!


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